Going fishing with your family can have lasting effects and good memories of your time together. I didnít do much fishing with my family until the past couple years, after I started to do a lot of fishing. I can honestly say that the memories that Iíve gained fishing with my parents this past couple years I will cherish forever. I found out after we went that they had not done much fishing and I was the one doing the teaching. How great is that? The kid is teaching the parents! This past Christmas I took my dad ice fishing for the very first time. He had the time of his life, and we didnít catch that many fish.

Whether youíre a seasoned veteran on the water with a new fishing boat, or a young family who has never even thought about fishing, think about it. You can borrow some rods and reels from a friend or relative and just go sit by the river for an hour. The point is that you are together. You never know you may even connect and find something that you can do for years to come as a family. Remember you shouldnít need somebody to organize a city wide family night to enjoy being with your family.

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