Fall 2002 Red River status

The Walleye/Greenback action on the Canadian end of the Red River is reported to be showing great promise. Cooler temps in recent days have fish on the move.

The unfortunate sewage spill of last week from the Winnipeg City treatment plant apparently was stopped quickly enough and no detrimental effects have been see on the bite or the overall health or safety of the fish. Great news there! Actions are in the works to see that it NEVER happens again.

Pine Falls to the mouth of the Winnipeg River is also on the upswing. The time is very near for huge walleye to be stacking up in both rivers.

Jigs 3/8 to 1/2 and salted shiners are producing well, cranks are hit and miss but do produce big fish when they do produce.

I am on my way North this weekend and will report more on the bite on my return.


The central region of the Red River is cooling off quickly as nighttime temps in the 30-40 range placed the surface water temp at 56 as of last night. The rapid change slowed the bite on catfish slightly although a night bite is still going well up on the shallow mud flats.

The walleye are adjusting to the past weeks rapid temp change and will likely be on a feeding binge very soon here on the headwaters and central regions of the Red River system.  In my experience large minnow imitator crankbaits will produce trophy size walleye if worked S.L.O.W.L.Y along parallel shoreline structure near dams and obstructions on the tributaries of the Red River.

A good bite is certainly in the works, just where & when, we will have to keep testing the waters to see.

If you put away the boat early this season be sure to keep the rods handy, greater fishing is on the way.

Ed Carlson
“Backwater Guiding”


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