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Wednesday October 16, 2002
08:16:20 AM

Hey Viking,

Have you ever been to Minnesota to fish? The number of Non resident Fisherman is 10 times that of Residents. Also, look at how many ND people buy cabins in MN. Maybe we should put a cap on that? MAybe we shouldn't let any ND residents fish here anymore, or camp, or come to Twins or Vikings games! Maybe we should charge you more if you are from ND to go to Games at the Metrodome. after all, we paid for the dome not people from ND! MAybe we should cap the number of tickets sold to ND residents, or we should not televise the games in ND. It's hard to listen to all the whining about MN residents coming to ND when in fact residents from ND enjoy all that MN has to offer.

new rockford

Wednesday October 16, 2002
07:31:56 AM

Well, it's easy to see the resident non resident fight is on again. Im glad to see the ND resident hasnt given up on the cap issue. I seen on another forum that there were 34000 non resident fishing licenses issued last year and the number is going up. I believe this is a good time for the ND angler to join forces with the resident hunters and aim for some big caps on everything in the state. The devils lake area is a prime example of how our states hunting and fishing is going to crap. You can go up there on any given season and find more NR's than residents. Not to mention the land lease issue. It's enough to make you barf. Something has to be done now or all us residents will be forced to be non residents.

Grand Forks

Wednesday October 16, 2002
06:09:43 AM


The doggone double entry devil got me again. Scott, would you delete the double so I don't hog the page with two of what was already a long entry. Thanks. Allen

Matt, In a nutshell, ND has excellent hunting for ducks, geese, pheasants, sharptail grouse, doves, and whitetail deer. We also have o.k. to good hunting for ruff grouse, hungarian partridge, antelope, mule deer, moose, and elk. These last few are just more limited in abundance, range, or tag availability.

Grand Forks

Wednesday October 16, 2002
06:01:39 AM


Being familiar with the term of "potů..kettle black", I'm curious how you apply that to me based upon my posts? Is it because you and the farmers you mentioned judge me based upon zip code? Isn't misjudging people or working on the lowest common denominator theory one of the bigger problems in today's landowner-hunter relations? Have you ever seen a post from me saying I hate people from other states because they hunt and fish in ND? Maybe you dislike me because I like to stand up for the concept of ND being allowed to manage its resource. If so, then you're just another pushy non-res who gets angry at getting served peach cobbler instead of apple pie. Rhetorical questions since I have thick skin and don't really care. FYI, I'm a western ND resident by birth and still spend ~50-60 days a year west of GF on weekends and vacations. I merely reside in GF because this is where I am employed. GF is a decent sized city with plenty of amenities, but everything I love to do in ND is farther west.

Perhaps I can help you understand why small town ND residents dislike hunters from GF and Fargo (uhhh, just so you know Bismarck and Minot are also generally thought of in the same way). Mentality wise, GF'ers and Fargoans are more similar to Minnesota. I didn't understand why until I moved here myself. The above listed towns have a significant percentage of people who move here after learning how to hunt in another state. Some of the transplants feel it is their responsibility to "teach" North Dakotans how they did it back home rather than conform to rural ND customs. I think Dakotans are pretty open when it comes to learning how to be better hunters, but rules and customs are often best suited for where they were developed. I would suggest that a good percentage of the ill will afforded GF hunters stems from the significant percentage of transplanted hunters and the many of our own residents who are 2 generations away from the rural ND way of life. You can also find plenty of examples of small town hunters who offend people as well.

So if your point was to say that GF and Fargo (or Bismarck and Minot) hunters are less welcome than small town ND residents, I agree. That's why I don't necessarily enjoy being lumped with the GF hunters that have made so many angry in ND. However, I do enjoy being included with those who will stand up for the rights of ND residents to decide ND game laws.

FYI, this weekend I hunted pheasants this past weekend with people originally from 5 different states and am happy to say we had a great time. Even spent an evening sipping brews at the fire with a non-res hunter camped by us who we felt could use some friendly conversation and dinner. Just because I dislike non-res interference in ND rules and regs, don't misinterpret this as me being for banning them or not welcoming them in so long as they want to blend into the ND hunting and fishing scene. I also have strong reservations about non-res someday becoming more abundant than residents and if current trends are any indication it will happen in our lifetime. This will not be good for ND.