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Friday October 11, 2002
12:05:35 PM

I just stumbled onto this website this afternoon. All I can say is, WOW. I'm not the type of guy that will get into many debates on the internet, and I certainly won't make personal attacks, but Allen, you are sounding a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. I'm from northern WI, where we have a few early Woodies, and a pretty decent flight of Bills late. My best friend, whom I spent 2 years in Germany and Bosnia with, is a Devil's Lake resident. Since we finished with our Army life 7 years ago, I've headed west for duck opener every year. My dad, grampa and myself stay and hunt about 60 miles northwest of Devil's Lake, and have never had any problems with the locals. This year however, we came across more posted land than I have ever seen, and were a little bummed out for awhile. I'm not one to be afraid to talk to a few farmers, and the majority of them had no problem letting us hunt their land. In fact, 9 out of 10 farmers told us they had posted their land to keep the Fargo and more specifically the GRAND FORKS hunters off of their land. I don't know why there is such animosity towards those two cities, but I would almost rather be back in the U.N. checkpoint I called home for 5 months, than be a resident in North Dakota right now. As a side note, the hunting was incredible. Some of the sloughs we hunt around Calvin were dry, but the rest that had water were chocked full with Mallards. At least the sloughs within or close to the wheat were holding the greenheads. A word to you MN guys heading out that way. A lot of locals don't like to see MN plates , but if you treat their land with respect, and treat the people even better, you will find some of the nicest most generous people in the world. I added 2 more smoked hams to the Christmas list this past trip. Brooks

Thursday October 10, 2002
04:22:32 PM

Nice to see a local man on the forum. I agree 100% with your view's on the limit of Licences. I am heading up to Jamestown next week for some Ducks, any idea how it is this year...


Wednesday October 09, 2002
07:35:22 AM

I was born and raised in ND and have hunted there for 24 years now. I recently moved to MN and I am shocked at how a small group of paranoid hunters have convinced the Game and Fish Dept. that a limit on Licenses is necessary. The REAL problem lies within the Greedy Landowners, such as those in the Mott area. They think that they own the wildlife, when in fact they don't. Out of state hunters get the blame for land being posted and landowners charging to hunt. I would venture to say that all the small business owners who gain $millions each year, in revenue that out of state hunters bring in, will be hurt by the people in ND that are ignorant to the REAL issues regarding wildlife and wildlife management in ND.

chad kosin
bloomington, il
Saturday October 05, 2002
09:34:47 AM

i and a group of guys are comming into the state late october to goose and duck hunt and was wondering how the hunting is?

i and from fargo and i willnot pay to hunt our natural resources to those sometimes greedy cannonballers.

please e-mail me a response////


Tuesday October 01, 2002
07:53:23 PM

Sue, You are not even going to get close to Mutt ND.,unless you get a 2nd mortgage to pay <snip> Candrian and his cannonball club.


Monday September 30, 2002
06:07:15 PM

I am looking for land to hunt pheasants near the Mott, ND area the third weekend in October. My huning party includes 2 adults and 2 kids. If anyone has any information please me at thanks

grand forks

Monday September 30, 2002
04:07:29 PM

Matt and J.J., Does Mn give license proceeds to the farmers? Maybe, but I doubt it. I suspect it is used much like the proceeds here in ND. That is for the administration of the G&F, wildlife research, and habitat improvement. FYI, ND already has a PLOTs prgrams that financially compensates landowners for allowing hunting access to their land. Perhaps you should just write checks to NDGF with the stipulation that it be used in either the PLOTs or Coverlocks programs. On a non-hunting sidetrack here, please remember that ND is a full state in the U.S. of America and ITS residents will decide matters pertaining to ITS resources. Merely expressing ill informed opinions on ND matters, or suggesting that our trained professionals are incapable of making the right management decisions makes many residents despise non-residents. Just the same, feel free to come here, hunt here, and fish here. But PLEASE leave your MN opinions at the border and respect ND as I respect Mn when I cross the border.

ssp, mn

Sunday September 29, 2002
08:49:06 PM

looking for a place to hunt in ND, has anybody heard of oaks ND? wondering how the hunting there is.


Friday September 27, 2002
10:38:16 AM

I agree, J.J. As I understand, ND is accepted as open hunting, which means you can hunt land not posted, and in ND it is common to do so without getting permission. This is an excellent way to do things that many states do not enforce - if you don't ask permission in MN, you are liable to get some lead shot coming your way, even if the land is not posted. In order to keep the unposted land open and fully available, I think it would be a great idea for the ND Fish and Game division to ask the State legistlature to give an additional tax credit to those who have an ag exemption, or some other logical way to funnel money back to those farmers and landowners who are kind enough to let hunters enjoy unfettered use of their land.

Pelican Rapides

Thursday September 26, 2002
11:44:31 AM

Is N.D. Game and Fish giving some of the money generated from the licenses back to the landowners. They deserve a cut!!!


Wednesday September 25, 2002
07:04:33 PM

Can anyone explain the best way to find a spot to hunt in ND? I see a lot of public land, but is it best to hunt over open water, fields, marsh? Is there enough public land not to worry about being crowded? Which of the 3 non-resident zones offers the best chance to get birds and see a lot of birds? Any help would be appreciated.


Tuesday September 24, 2002
08:50:14 AM

Hello Matt, Guys like you are not the problem and will always be welcome.


Monday September 23, 2002
11:17:16 AM

Hello North Dakotans! I am an avid waterfowl hunter and used to enjoy excellent hunting growing up in MN. The flyway has moved west and North Dakota is now king of the waterfowl...I know that and respect it. After reading comments on this website, I am concerned about how I may be treated as a non-resident trying to hunt ducks and geese in North Dakota. Am I I not welcome? I am not sure what to think. I'd like to spend a couple of weekends (at several hundred dollars per weekend on hotels/restaurants/gasoline, etc.) in ND hunting the public lands and asking farmers to hunt their fields - is this a good idea to even try? I fear I may get shot if I drive up on a farmer and ask to hunt on his land? I would never pay to lease land - I did that in Texas once and thought it was a joke. No self-respecting hunter could ever PAY to hunt someone else's land...may as well PAY for the meal at the grocery store.

Please help to give me an idea how welcome non-residents really are in North Dakota.


Monday September 23, 2002
04:13:17 AM

Robin, You are a good wife. You can take him anywhere in the southern part of the state, but the closer you are to the Missouri, the better it is. Please don't get a guide or pay to hunt. Thanks and good luck

Grand Forks

Friday September 20, 2002
06:42:09 AM

Im heading to Devils Lake with a buddy of mine for the duck hunting season opener. I have been packed and ready to go for about a week now. I was there last year and we limited out everyday, the duck population is huge. And when the ducks settle down you can always goose hunt. The local Canada Geese around the area are huge, they make for a great hunt. Devils Lake, ND is the spot!

Robbin Hilgert
Bloomington, MN
Wednesday September 18, 2002
11:38:10 AM

I need help. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary...and the ONLY...well not only...thing he wanted was for me to take him pheasant hunting! I have only hunted on game farms here in Minnesota. I don't want to ask him for help on where, when, what to do...because I would really like to surprise him with the a special trip all on my own.

Any suggestions or advise!?

Wife on a mission

B Miller
Boone Ia

Tuesday September 10, 2002
03:23:04 PM

First, this is a great site. Lost my mother 6 months ago. Thinking of taking my Father fishing around Wappton. Are we still welcome up there after the dirt that was done to locals over hunting? Helped a farmer with odd chores since I was a kid 30 years ago, thought we were friends. Lost his 4 square miles of the best deer timber you ever saw to his new found friends, Texas hunters willing to pay big dollars. Seems were outcasts in our own back yards, PAY FOR HUNTERS SUCK! Hang in there and goog luck there and good luck

Erl Hansen
Port Angeles, WA
Saturday September 07, 2002
04:48:30 PM

My hunting partner and I are coming to ND in late October for some pheasant hunting. Everything is arranged (I hope). We have been reading about squirel hunting in South West ND, thats where we will be. Could someone e-mail me and give us the scinny on squirrel, where, where and where. Erl

Thursday September 05, 2002
03:47:58 PM

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has been in the Lidgerwood/Cayuga areas in SE North Dakota regarding the goose and pheasant situation. Has anyone been seeing any numbers of either of these???? You can me or post on this great site. Thanks for any information!!!

Tuesday September 03, 2002
07:40:15 PM

Moving to Minot soon and need some info on hunting and fishing. Shoot me an e-mail if you can help me out. Thanks.

John Czerwinski
Thursday August 22, 2002
06:43:06 AM

I am interested in enjoying the waterfoul hunting that your great state has to offer. However, after reading the above comments it appears that non-resident hunters are not welcome. Can someone explain the situation with non-resident hunters, and is it in my best interest to go elsewhere?


Friday August 09, 2002
04:28:11 PM

I think all you non-resident bird hunters could just as well stay home this season. Public sentiment is not good and neither is access. ND is boiling right now and about to explode.

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Saturday July 27, 2002
03:33:10 PM


The hunting is excellent, however the Governor opened a can of worms this last winter when he wanted to open the pheasant season early to accomadate out of state hunters.

Well...needless to has become a farmer vs. in-state hunter issue.

There's more to it than that, but that's the short story.

Jim Stark
Michigan's Upper Penninsula
Saturday July 27, 2002
03:26:16 PM

Hi Everyone! The wife has an interview at NDSU in a couple of weeks so I decided to browse some North Dakota hunting and fishing websites. So what's the deal with private land access? Sounds like the farmers are charging out there? Give me some insight on the situation. How's the bird hunting on the public land?


Thursday April 11, 2002
06:48:17 AM



Monday April 08, 2002
04:55:49 PM

Hello Heff, welcome back. I guess the only people we pissed off were the pay to hunt people and I don't think that matters too much, because that land has been and will be unavailable to us, unless we pay. You are right though, this is a war, and this battle was definately not a minor one. Anyway, my reloads are extremely effective, but I'm going to have to drop the charge a little. It's way to hard on my shoulder and it can't be very good for my gun.


Wednesday April 03, 2002
10:35:51 AM

Coldy, I just came across your comment. Sorry it took so long. I'm not mad at you, never was. How could I hold a grudge against a fellow sportsmen. Sorry I can't offer you any input on reloading. I fell out of love with hunting the past years. Still deer hunt when I can but it's not like it used to be for me.

By the way, congratulations to all of you anti early pheasent season people. You won, I guess. I am still trying to figure out what you accomplished. Has the access gotten any better or did we just piss the land owner off and now it's just going to get worse?? I hope someone can figure out a better approach. I sure hope you don't think this was a victory, you may have won a very small insignificant battle but you have yet to win the war. Good luck.

Brad Durick
Grand Forks
Thursday March 21, 2002
09:09:09 AM

Lon Koops

I am going to try to answer some of your questions about waterfowl hunting near Bowbells, ND. I grew up 12 miles NE of Bowbells near the Des Lacs refuge and still do most of my hunting there.

The past three years the goose hunting has been very slow. This is due to the fact that the weather is so nice that the geese are coming down later and that they are stopping just north of the border at the Rafferty Dam. My dad will tell me that when the geese move they will only be in the area for about 2 days and then head south. If we get back to having fall and winter when we are supposed to that should change and the hunting be alot better.

On the other hand that duck hunting has been wonderful. With the past wet year there are ducks everywhere. I don't think I have hunted but a couple days in the past few years where we didn't shoot a limit of mallards.

Wetland reclamation I am unsure about but I hope what I wrote was helpful.

lon koops
Wednesday March 20, 2002
05:27:36 PM

Does anyone know how the hunting is for ducks and geese is around Bowbells N.D.Is there any wetland restoration projects in the area.


Lon Koops (WETLAND TEAM MEMBER AREA 3)U.S.D.A. Natural Resource Conservation Service Michigan

lon koops
Wednesday March 20, 2002
05:27:33 PM

Does anyone know how the hunting is for ducks and geese is around Bowbells N.D.Is there any wetland restoration projects in the area.


Lon Koops (WETLAND TEAM MEMBER AREA 3)U.S.D.A. Natural Resource Conservation Service Michigan

lon koops
Wednesday March 20, 2002
05:23:54 PM

Does anyone know how the hunting is for ducks and geese is around Bowbells N.D. Thanks Lon Koops Michigan


Monday March 11, 2002
09:21:02 PM

This is what I tried this morning- 5 different 3in. hulls with 45 grains of Alliant "steel", Winchester 209 primer, sam 1 wad(2 3\4), filled with T shot. These shells went through my gun, to my shoulder, down my spine, and ended up giving me a headache. My book says you should follow the recipe for reloading, so why does this load work for common hulls? I know this T shot has to be moving at 1600 or better. Heff, I can't believe you don't have knowledge on this, or are you still mad at me? Looking for input


Wednesday March 06, 2002
04:39:41 PM

I'm looking for a good reloading recipe for geese and is there a difference between a federal hull and a remington? They both call for the same primer in my book.


Tuesday March 05, 2002
08:41:22 PM

Brad, snows and blues first

Wednesday February 27, 2002
03:08:51 PM

cant wait to the up cuming turkey hunt

Grand Forks

Wednesday February 27, 2002
11:43:03 AM

Coldy, the best place (at least a good place) for reports on the progress of Snows is Tony Dean's web page. Sounds like some are in the Mitchell and Vermillion areas of SD. You can find a link to Tony Dean's web page on Scott's front page.


Tuesday February 26, 2002
05:50:05 PM

Does anyone know how close the geese are?


Tuesday February 26, 2002
05:50:05 PM

Does anyone know how close the geese are?

tim sirek
Wednesday February 13, 2002
03:08:02 PM

I agree with Allen, that it's just been that mild of a winter. I think they're finally starting to drop here. If nothing else, they will be forced to drop when the new ones start to grow this spring.

Grand Forks

Tuesday February 12, 2002
06:31:26 AM

Canuck, It sounds like your deer are young and well fed. I've heard before (from several sources) that good nutrition and youth will extend the time a buck keeps his rack later in the winter. Essentially, I have always interpreted this to mean that if the deer are stressed, like an older buck who had a busy rut, that they will shed their antlers earlier in order to help start the recovery process. So if I were you, I would be optimistic about the chances of that 5x5 being around next year and posibly being quite a bit larger since he may be only 2.5 yrs old.


Saturday February 09, 2002
10:51:09 AM

I know this suppose to be a North Dakota hunting space but I have a question about deer. Last nite (Feb 8th) there were 7 bucks in the yard ranging from a spike to a 5 X 5. I haven't seen a single buck drop his horns YET. Does anybody have any idea why the shed is so late this year? All the deer feed within 30 yds so I can sure tell the others are does and calves. Ideas???????? Too warm of a winter, too much good feed (2nd cut)