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ya betcha ya

Wednesday April 24, 2002
06:42:33 PM

To continue, If you are fishing you should know the regs. The same as if you drive a vehicle you have to know the laws for the correct operation of said vehicle. They do post somelaws as they have hundreds of pages of motor vechile laws and less than 100 laws for fishing. Specific laws for one area are easy to find int he regulations so if you do read pay the price and support those who do.think of it as a donation to help protect our hunting and fishing. REMEMBER THE BOOKS ARE FREE take 3 and put in your tackle box and vehicle.

Have a good time fishing and hunting and remember kids like the opprtunity to go also.

ya betch ya

Wednesday April 24, 2002
06:36:41 PM

I will give you a little more to think about. The sining with regulations for fishing is like asking the law enforcement to notify you if you are doing something wrong before they ticket you.

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Thursday April 11, 2002
04:06:36 AM

I imagine several lakes have excess signage. I spend a lot of time at the North Landing in Grand Forks. This is what it looked like last fall...

There is no signs at all....(By the way-the outhouse was like that for almost 3 weeks-also. I'm sorry I couldn't get the deer carcass in the laid there for several days.)

Old Hank
Grand Forks

Wednesday April 10, 2002
12:29:47 AM

Sorry Scott, but have to agree with the ladies. It sounds like this was a statewide decision, not based on just the Grand Forks landing. If you've ever fished Brewer Lake you'll see "oversignage" at its best. It would take a half a day to read all the signs. u-g-l-y

Just look in the rules and reg book and its not that difficult to figure out.

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Tuesday April 09, 2002
06:26:42 PM

Thanks for the feedback ladies. I've never looked at it that way.

Michelle, as for the sign-making business...don't go there (HeHe), I've got a pretty famous sign I made, in town here...

Anyone else got an opinion? Am I just 'lazy'? Are we guys just lazy?

Donny Zimprich
Tuesday April 09, 2002
03:41:51 PM

Give 'em heck Michelle. I agree with you 100% I am starting think guy's are trying to make mountains out of mole hills just to try n stir the pot. I'm disappointed in Brads' column

What really caught me about Brads' column was the feeble attempt at making MN DNR look good. Who the heck is MN to cut on ND's fisheries management.