Hot Topics for January 2002

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Wednesday January 30, 2002
04:36:17 PM

I going to chime in on this one. Tony Dean has done an EXCELLENT job defining the problem. I read a post on his website that REALLY went to the heart of the matter, and I wish to take it a step further.

To sum it up, Tony was tired of the 'us vs. them' issue being debated on his website. And rightly so. He defined it differently. It's about conservation of a resource. Now, granted, this resource is renewable, but overharvesting any renewable resource is going to head you for trouble. (Think Upper Red Lake...and walleye- and THOSE guys were not only residents....)

So the issue is NOT an 'us versus them'(resident/nonresident) theme, the issue is how to PRESERVE a fishery/hunting area that is not only excellent, but being treasured more and more by people not only in this state, but around the world.

If THIS is kept in mind, the resident/non-resident issue is secondary, and nearly irrelevant. Let's face it: If the hunting was SO plentiful, that NO MATTER HOW MANY pheasants were killed, there were the same number or even more next year, WHO WOULD COMPLAIN?

Conserving a natural, renewable resource is the issue, and we shouldn't step into the trap of looking for some 'boogieman' from another state that killed every living thing in North Dakota.

It is my understanding that some guided hunting lodges grow and release MORE pheasants than they shoot each year. And why not? The BIRDS are what bring the hunters back! In fact, SOME of the birds that any given individual shoots, may have been released by a hunting lodge. NOW are you complaining? THEY care enough to renew the resource. Do any of US grow fish at home and then dump them into a lake to renew the fish we took? (I know, I know, it's illegal...but I think the point is made.)

Please, guys, don't fall into this trap! It's fine to say the UND Sioux is better than the Minnesota Gophers, but that is only because that's where we live, and folks, that's a subjective opinion. (Besides, they ARE better...:>)

I'm open for discussion on this, but this is my 'weigh in' on this issue. Feel free to disagree. I will have you note, I have YET to delete any post that disagrees with me.


Wednesday January 30, 2002
03:58:18 PM

As a former ND resident I would like to know how Hoeven "rammed the early pheasent opener down our throats"? For one thing I doubt very much that a governor would act on his own behalf in regards to a hunting issue. Mr. Hilldebrandt is in charge of that so if you have any problems it would be Game and Fish who you would air your gripes with not the Governor. What exactly do you want to discuss? Give us something to go on don't just throw something out there and not give us your opinion. Need some facts. How long have you been pheasent hunting? How long have you been hunting? What do you see wrong with expanding a season on a bird that has very strong numbers. What is your opinion on the expanded goose season? Sure I'll debate with you but first I need to know where you stand. Heff


Tuesday January 29, 2002
12:20:17 PM

I think Scott has a good idea with the "fishing leauge". I sure would like to know some more details. I know there has to be some details floating around in that head of yours Scott, I think you should put your idea out there and see what happens. If you wait for us fisherman to get up enough motivation to get back to you your idea stands a tough chance to take off. This is the perfect way for me to get out at least once a week. If I "sign up" or "commit" to something ahead of time the fish-cleaner (wife) usually doesnt give me a hard time.

I think it would be neat to include a variety of Rivers and Lakes instead of just the Red. Maybe a Travel League? DL one week, Loretta the next, Golden after that. Maybe we keep track of catches and include a prize of some kind at the end of the year? Maybe a sponsor would want to jump on board? I think it would be a good idea but I would like to know all the particulars before commiting myself to it. I have kids and they dictate my schedual every day, and of course they come first (damn fatherly responsibilities). Let's hear some feed back from others, even if you are not interested if you have an idea please let Scott know. Heff

Grand Forks
Tuesday January 29, 2002
10:06:05 AM


I have to agree with everything that Allen said to you about a Vexilar. I had the displeasure of sitting next to my buddy who has an FL-8 and consistantly caught twice as many fish as me.

I too finally got a Vexilar this year. I went with the FL-18. I can honestly say that I catch more fish with the unit than I did without it. If you are still apprehensive about getting one, try renting or borrowing one. I know you will be sold.

Grand Forks
Tuesday January 29, 2002
07:36:48 AM


I personally encourage you to get a vexilar. You can always borrow or rent one just to make sure you would like it, but I have yet to meet anyone who owns one to say that it was a waste of money. I had never fished with one until this year and now I can't imagine going ice fishing without it. I would recommend that when you do get one to read the very short owner's manual and/or visit their webpage. Then take it out to a place that you are "guaranteed" to catch fish. For this I used the English Coulee Diversion near Thompson. Use the day as a learning experience and learn to adjust the gain to keep your lure just barely visible and try jigging about a foot off the bottom while just watching the vexilar. You'll be as amazed and thrilled when the first fish appears to rise off the bottom. As a quick note, if $$$ is a concern, you should be able to pick up a used FL-8 for around $150-200 in the classifieds. If $$$ is no object, you may want to get the deluxe FL-18 with all the bells and whistles (battery indicator is nice). I suspect my FL-8 has about doubled my miserable catch on DL since I've learned to detect fish hugging the bottom in the background noise.

Kent Hollands

Friday January 25, 2002
06:30:24 AM

Haven't fished any ND waters for about two weeks now, but I thought I would give this report to maybe save some guys some miles. Went to Lake of The Woods last Fri. and fished hard until Sun noon. We tried all depths at all different times with no luck. Between the three of us we brought home only 8 eaters.

Have heard the Red Lake is Hot for slabs going there Sat. I'll let you know what happens.

Scott, sorry this isn't ND but I thought I would give this little report for the people on the east side of the state.

Grand Forks
Wednesday January 23, 2002
12:29:44 PM

I did a little checking on my comment that I made about perch and rainbows co-existing and was able to find where I read it.

I the December 2001 issue of Dakota Country, Tony Dean said that planting perch in a trout water will destroy the trout fishery. He was maily refering to people who catch small perch and transplant them in the pond. ("Bait bucket stockers")

In the same issue Terry Steinwand spoke of the same issue as to why there are not the large trout in some of the ponds and lakes.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't dream that up by myself.

Grand Forks
Tuesday January 22, 2002
09:44:30 AM

To K. Muus,

I read once that rainbow trout and perch cannot co-exist. I don't know if this is true. I read that you were fishing rainbows in Laretta. I was just wondering if someone can let me know if they can co-exist.

Grand Forks

Monday January 21, 2002
07:58:37 AM

I would just like to thank the folks who helped us out at Devils Lake when we ran out of minnows.

I learned that you should always bring extra bait and that people are very nice when you are in a jam. I hope the information that I gave you helped your success in catching fish that day.

Thanks Again

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Friday January 18, 2002
04:52:04 PM


I'm truly sorry about your truck. I'm sure there is very little I/We can say that will make you feel any better, but your loss serves as a strong warning to all of us, including myself.

Thanks for sharing something you probably aren't proud of. (It sort of makes any bad day at work seem like nothing to me...)

Thanks again, Alan.

Alan Larson

Friday January 18, 2002
03:26:52 PM

I had a little accident this year ice fishing. My 1998 Chevy Ext. Cab fell through the ice! No surprise, it is still there. Can't get it out cause ice around it is not safe. 1/2 mile of the shore of Lake of the Woods. Has been vandalized, yes, spray painted and some cracked glass. Anyone lookin for a used truck to buy? Oh well. S*** happens. All I can say is that 9 inches of ice IS NOT safe. I thought it was a little thicker and I also received some crappy information from the locals. I already got a new one though, I can afford stuff like that every once and a while, but it still sucks.

So if you think your day was going bad, huh, try again.

scott mcnamee
Grand Forks
Tuesday January 15, 2002
07:08:57 PM

You guys may not know it, because you don't receive my e-mail:>)....but I have been receiving some VERY complimentary e-mails about this site.

They have a common theme: HONEST

That's right guys, you guys have provided North Dakota with one of the MOST trustworthy websites on the 'net for fishing reports.

Not me....YOU guys!

Let me thank each of you for your reports.

Integrity is a wonderful thing guys....and you have shown it.

Thanks again.


tim sirek
Thursday January 10, 2002
08:08:18 AM

To each their own I guess, and it is Scott's site so he can do what he wants.

I was concerned about the ice too, but MN-DNR says not to worry but use caution. The ice itself is still strong, and water on top of the ice is from snowmelt. When you STOP seeing water on top of the ice is when you should worry. That means the ice has honeycombed to let all that surface water penetrate, and the ice strength is gone. My 2000 Ext. Cab may or may not make it onto the ice, but if it does I'll stop often to drill test holes, and stay well away from any other vehicles. Going slow also helps with this thinner ice. The ice sags under the vehicle, and if you go too fast you push a wave of water in front of you that causes the ice to break. That's why so many snowmobiles have been going through in areas that are supporting vehicle traffic.

Grand Forks
Wednesday January 09, 2002
03:01:16 PM

Tim, I understand your concerns with what are irrelevant posts to you in your hunt to follow a thread. However, one thing that is quite possibly even more annoying is a web site where you have to keep clicking to get to a narrowly defined topic. FBO has done this and I find it more tiring to click on fishing topics, then clicking on perch limits, then having to scroll down a bunch of posts, then having to retrace my steps to see what people are saying about catfish limits. And I must admit that I enjoy Scott's inclusion of a little humor on the page.

O.K., now on to another topic. How safe does everyone think the 14-16 inches of ice on DL and other lakes will be this weekend for vehicles after our little bout with the effects of global warming? This seems to be new territory for me in that I can never remember such a warm spell and its effect on <35" of ice. But after the few days of stable weather, I hope the fish prove cooperative.

tim sirek
Wednesday January 09, 2002
08:18:18 AM

Lots of good ideas here. I'd be for a 1 big cat/year limit, but in all the years I've catfished (8?) I've only kept one and I regret keeping that one. My 'trophy tag' would not be used, because why kill a big fish when replica mounts look so realistic? I also don't begrudge anybody a meal of fish after a day of fishing, and 25 perch is enough for that meal. You shouldn't expect to be able to play bigshot and put on a fish fry for the whole neighborhood off one fishing outing. I also agree with JC Heff that this whole site (not just the Hot Topics page) should be concerned only with hunting and fishing issues. I think Scott should rethink his inclusion of things like big frogs eating little frogs (haven't all of us catmen seen that?) and Barbie dolls. Just my opinion though, Scott. I'd like to see the Hot Topics/Debatable Issues separated into different threads that can be followed separately. I'm interested in the fish limit debate, but I don't like scrolling through 'auger sharpening' posts to follow it, and vice versa.

Grand Forks
Monday January 07, 2002
07:24:15 AM

Scott, What type of blades are you trying to sharpen? I too have had minimal success at sharpening cutting blades like those on a Lazer or hand held auger. I chalked it up to having removed too much, unbalancing the blades, or changing the bevel angle. Although I removed 1/32 of an inch, it still doesn't make much sense to me as to my failure as well (it was a used auger whose blades were knicked up badly before I started). I now use a chipper type auger and while it may not be as fast as a new razor edged knife blade, it definitely seems to be more durable.

Scott McNamee
Grand Forks
Friday January 04, 2002
05:28:56 PM


Time for Scott to 'eat crow'. A few days...maybe a week ago I was telling you guys I was going to put up a webpage on 'sharpening your ice auger blades'.

so far, this has not been done. Why? Because it's TOUGH! I mean...I took over 15 years of metalshop theory...and figured ice blades would be a piece of cake. WRONG!. My sharpening job didn't work. It took over a minute, with extraordinary effort, to drill through 12" of ice.

I'm baffled. My best, sharpest (no pun intended), guy I know (Scott P.), was baffled. My boss...who has another 10 years of experience+ beyond me was baffled.

Sure, we could see the simple things that were wrong with my sharpening job...but it didn't make sense. It STILL SHOULD HAVE CUT!

Now before you think we are 'total morons', please understand that we could see several areas that COULD be the problem...but none that stuck out. For all intents and purposes...this blade should cut. It didn't. It was terrible, and I'm embarassed.

I WILL figure this out, SOON. But at this point, it's a mystery. At this point I'm resolved to take some close-up pictures to show you what WON'T work. I have begun to focus on 3 areas of possible problems...and perhaps I need to find out which is crucial to the actual cutting.

So, that's it guys...I screwed up, shot my mouth off before I REALLY knew what I was saying...and I apologize for the delay.

But, I WILL figure it out! (And I will share it with you guys!)


Thursday January 03, 2002
05:38:09 PM

I want to take a moment to thank Scott for a wonderful website and also the "Scheels Gift Card" which I won for December's drawing. I hope all of you realize this website is Scott's OWN. All promotions are his own doing, nothing is given to him or paid for by Merchants. I am going to try aggressively to get "Scheels All Sports" to be a sponsor or donate something to Scott for this great website. Please, if you have a chance and stop by any "Scheels" stores, please mention this site!!! Just maybe.....someone will take notice and offer Scott something??!!. I will be speaking to a manager in the Fargo Scheels Allsports hunting/fishing department this weekend and hope to get over to Moorheads on Sunday. Just advise them that right now they are getting a FREE advertisement from Scott when you click on the "Outdrznd won December" hyper-link at the top of the "home-page". NO....I am not in this at all, just feel that some merchant support would be beneficial....but yet not a "Commercial/Business" website. THANKS AGAIN, SCOTT.


Wednesday January 02, 2002
12:12:42 PM

Just one mans opinion. If this page is going to be dominated by personal debate about farm issues or any other issues not directly related to hunting and fishing I have a feeling you are going to loose people's interest in this page. I realize that farming has everything to do with hunting but how much farmer brown got from the feds last year has no reason for being on this page. Maybe you can create a another room for this type of bickering..... I mean conversation. If anyone else feels the same way let Scott know... Please! I mean no disrespect to farmers I just don't want to hear about "farming economic issues" when I am looking for fishing information. Hope I didn't piss anyone off.

Brad Durick
Grand Forks
Wednesday January 02, 2002
07:53:28 AM

Hi, I have alot of comments today so I guess I will label my points accordingly.


I think Kent Hollands has a great limit idea for cat fish. If we go with a punch out system with a limit of one or maybe two big fish it will put more of the big boys back in the river to get EVEN BIGGER!! Great idea