North Dakota Fishing

Devils Lake Fishing Archive

Marty Egeland
Grand Forks
07:49:32 AM

Fished DL on channel A last Thursday. Caught a number of pike on live bait. Very slow biting and finicky. Never did catch one on spoons or plugs.

Brad Durick
Grand Forks
08:40:42 AM

Visited Devils for the first time this long rod season o sunday. Visited at Channel A and managed to catch about 10 small male Slickies on smelt and slip bobbers.

About noon ventured over to the old railroad bridge to explore that. Everyone said it was slow and they were right. Did catch our nicest fish of the day there but the bite was lite. I had a 5 pounder smim around with the bobber for 3 or 4 minutes before taking it under.

If we get some heat soon things will really turn on in a hurry.


07:21:15 AM

Fished the west side of woods rutten. I caught one walleye in about three hours of evening. There were at least 30 people fishing. Most had better success than I did(I think they were closer to the moving water). I was surprised how little open water was fishable. The pike were cruising along the shoreline but weren't biting very well.


Grand Forks
10:26:27 AM

Fished the far north end of the Mauvis Coulee system (the bridges just south of highway 2) this weekend, caught a dozen or so pike between 1-6 pounds, all seemed like small males to me, as they weren't very big and didn't seem to have eggs in em. Action was hot on Friday night as the buggers were hitting daredevles, often just feet from the shore! Great fun, and good to hit the open water again! The weather has made for some excellent outdoors time, enjoy it, its gonna cool off again.

good fishing, Simonson

Big Tuna
Grand Forks
01:10:23 PM

Fished the Mavee on Sun from 5pm-7:30pm. Lost one at the hole, caught a pounder walleye on a tip up released it. Our group didn't have much action-we were on the west side in the trees about 10 feet of water. Oh well a poor day on the ice beats a good ....... Big Tuna

Brad Durick
Grand Forks

05:38:39 AM

I made my last trek to Devils Lake for the hard water season of 2001-2002. Fished tip ups with a group of friends in the north end of six mile bay. I have to say that is was a heck of a way to end a season. The pike were hitting smelt in only 3 feet of water and they were vicious.

For the evening walleyes we went to Black Tiger. After only about two hours we decided that the wind was to strong. The two of us in my house caught only small eyes, but the two guys in the next house caught a nice mess of 12-17" eyes.

Ice was still 18" thick but was in poor condition. there were open spots all over the lake. If you are going to go for that last outing in the next couple days, BE CAREFUL!!!